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Self- Care in stress management

Self -care is any activity that we do to take care of our mental, emotional and physical health. It helps us to refuel our energy, brings joy and promotes positive health outcomes.

People practicing self- care regularly show positive health outcomes(physical and mental), are more resilient , are better able to cope with stress, more productive and have a better self esteem.

Self- care does not mean the same thing for everyone. Self-care does not mean you are being selfish. Self- care does not have to cost anything. Being mindful and taking deep breaths maybe some great acts of self-care.

Reasons why we don’t spend time in self care

1. We feel we are very busy and don’t have the time. Not giving yourself breaks may do you more harm than good .

2. We may feel guilty or consider it selfish to take time for ourselves. Its important to remember that you cant pour from an empty cup.

3. You may be always putting others needs before yours. Helping others is great but sometimes you may have to step back to prioritize your needs.

Some selfcare ideas include

Physical self- care:


Eating healthy.

Getting enough sleep and rest.

Getting medical care when needed.

Emotional self -care:

Spending time with people whose company you enjoy.

Staying connected with people who are important in your life.

Saying positive self affirmations.

Being kind to yourself.

Finding things to laugh about.

Expressing your emotions.

Psychological self-care:

Time for introspection

Journaling your thoughts.

Be curious.

Notice your inner feelings, thoughts , beliefs, attitudes.

Focus on things that you can control.

Starting a self- care routine

Determine which activities bring joy and replenish your energy.

Start by choosing one behavior that you would like to incorporate in the week.

Build up that behavior by practicing it daily for a week.

Reflect on how you feel.

Gradually add in other practices.

Self -care has a positive effect on our health. We need to make that choice to take care of ourselves. It is worth the time.

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